Wacky Bash is a multiplayer game where you compete against other players for arena championship! Use your weapon and its Ultimate Attack to bash your opponents off the arena, and try not to get knocked out yourself. Collect gifts with awesome power-ups to gain an advantage over your foes, but beware; if you’re not fast enough, someone else will grab them and you’ll be in trouble.

Each match lasts 5 minutes. Whoever has the most knockouts at the end will be crowned the champion!


Ultimate attack

Your weapon’s Ultimate Attack requires energy. You gain energy by bashing your foes with the basic attack. Once you have collected enough energy you can use your Ultimate Attack.

Your weapon’s Ultimate Attack delivers a much bigger punch than the basic attack. Use Ultimate Attack to knock your foe off the arena.


Skills are useful for feints and dodges. There are 5 skills to choose from, but only one can be equipped in any given match:

Leap – A really long jump. Useful for getting back to the arena if you’re about to fall off.
Roll – Executes a roll that lets you get away from your foes.
Phase – Lets you teleport a short distance through foes and thin obstacles. Useful for dodging Ultimate Attacks and getting behind your opponents.
Shadow – Makes you invisible for a short while. Also removes any negative effects you might be suffering.
Play Dead – Makes you immune to everything for a short while.


When you take too much damage you lose control. Use your Recovery ability to un-stun yourself and get back to the game.

Recovery has a 20 second cooldown, so use it wisely.

Tip: Combine a well timed Recovery and a double-jump followed by a Leap or Roll to get you back on to the arena after being knocked off the edge.


You can collect and equip different power-ups from gifts scattered around the arena: 

Tripwire – A spiky wire that throws enemies in the air when it hits them. 
Bomb – Throws enemies around you into the air. Takes time to explode once activated. 
Frenzy – Move and hit faster, gain more energy from basic attacks. 
Gas – Causes everyone around you to start hallucinating. Great for confusing your foes. 
Sabotage – Lets you temporarily change the arena; for example by breaking the floor under your foes feet.

Status Effects

Enemies’ power-ups and Ultimate Attacks can cause unwanted temporary effects:

Burning – You are on fire, but not in a good way. You can still use your skills and attack, but you can’t control your movement. 
Confusion – Your controls are inverted. Forward is back, Left is right. Nothing makes sense. 
Electrified – You are stunned due to electrocution.  
Hallucination – Everything is all wobbly and nauseating. Often an effect of the Gas power-up. 
Slow – You. Are. Slow

Tip: If you have the shadow skill, activate it to get rid of any unwanted status effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions we hear. If you are having problems, check this section first. 

I’m playing on a PC or Mac using a game controller and it doesn’t work

Wacky Bash uses the HTML5 Gamepad API. To check compatibility of your gamepad, please visit with your browser while your gamepad is connected. If the gamepad doesn’t work, try disconnecting and reconnecting your gamepad, or use the keyboard and mouse to play the game instead.

When I start a new match or when i respawn the image quality is really bad and I have a low framerate

This can sometimes happen, especially at the beginning of a new match. If you have poor image quality and a low framerate for longer periods of time, reload the web page. In most cases this will correct the issues and you’ll be back in the arena in no time. 

If the problem persists after reloading the page, please make sure your network connection is stable. You can check your network connection for example with . The smaller the ping and the higher the Download speed, the better your network connection.

Known issues

Since Wacky Bash is still under development, there are some known issues in the game. Here’s a list of the most common ones. Please let us know at if you encounter any of these, or if you have any other feedback you wish to share with us.ny of these. 

  • Non Xbox controllers might have issues – Some 3rd-party game controllers can have issues when connected to your PC or Mac.
  • Button issues in the main menu – Sometimes clicking a button in the main menu may cause the button click to be registered twice.  
  • UI elements, such as buttons, have placement issues on very wide or narrow screens with non-standard aspect ratios.
  • Random input lag issues – Sometimes controls may become sluggish for no apparent reasons. This issue usually goes away on its own, but if the issue persists, reloading the page often helps. 
  • Mobile touch controls and user experience are still under development – The current mobile controls are not yet optimal, and the game is considerably more difficult to play on Mobile than on a computer. 
  • Mouse focus may sometimes get lost on a PC or Mac – Reloading the page can help.
  • On some Android devices it is best to use Google Chrome as your browser. 
  • Some players may experience problems using the Brave browser on PC or Mac.